Bermuda Travel and Lodging Accommodations

Bermuda is a group of islands about 670 miles east of North Carolina. The population lives on the main island, often referred to as Bermuda. Other islands in the chain have different names. Often considered part of the Caribbean, the island is actually has a different climate due to its more easterly location. The main island has an area of 20 square miles.

What to See

Long known as an island for honeymooners, the island’s main features are its pink beaches, shallow coral reefs, military forts, and the city of St. George, the oldest continually inhabited British city of the New World. Popular beaches include Horseshoe Bay Beach, Tobacco Bay, Coral Beach, Shelley Bay, and Warwick Long Bay. The island has a large number of golf courses including St. George Golf Course, Ocean View Golf Course, Port Royal Golf Course, and Belmont Hills Golf Course.

Popular forts include St. Catherine’s, Alexandra Battery, King’s Castle, Fort Hamilton and the Keep at the Dockyard. Some of these former forts have been turned into major shopping areas. Other sites to consider for a visit include the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, the Crystal and Fantasy Caves, the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo, and the Bermuda Maritime Museum.


Lodgings in Bermuda can be very expensive. Tourism is the main industry here, and the government imposes heavy taxes on many areas of tourism, not excluding hotels. Nonetheless, there is a range of accommodations available from full resorts to economic local inns. For those looking for a comfortable but lower end range, some good choices are the Warwick Apartments in Warwick, Willowbank in Sandys, and Dawkin’s Manor in Paget.

For those looking for accommodations in the more intermediate range, consider the Royal Palms Hotel in Hamilton, the Clairfont Apartments in Warwick, the Fairmont Southhampton or St. George’s Club in St. George. For those desiring a high end resort, take a look at the Elbow Beach Resort, Fairmont Hamilton Princess Resort, or the Newstead Belmont Hills Hotel in Paget.


Those who fly into the Bahamas use the only airport, the Bermuda International Airport, which features some of the highest local taxes on arriving aircraft in the world. Visitors pay a duty tax on what they bring into Bermuda, as well as what they take home. There are no rental cars in Bermuda. Passengers need to take a taxi, local bus, or the transportation arranged by their accommodations. After arrival, passengers can rent scooters or bikes to ride.

Otherwise, getting around includes buses, taxis or on foot. Visitors needing to travel from one end of the island to the other often find the local ferries are faster than taking a taxi or bus. Other groups of tourists arrive by boat, including the cruise ships.


The local cuisine features a mostly British style diet, and most food is imported. This causes the restaurant bill to be quite high in the tourist areas. It is usually worth your time to ask at the hotel where the locals eat, and take the extra effort to go to these places. Some common local dishes include a Sunday breakfast with cod and potatoes and Hoppin’ Joe, rice and black eyed peas. Many hotels will have restaurants that serve Italian, Japanese and other cuisines. There are plenty of places to eat all over the island.


Bermuda is a safe tourist destination. There are not really any areas to be avoided, but it is good to keep up with local events and check with your hotel and the local embassy. The American embassy is in the Devonshire area of the island. The best time to travel is spring and early summer; the hurricane season hits between June and November. Temperatures are mild all year round, but the winter and fall months often have frequent rains.

There is no natural water on the island; drinking water is caught by saving the rainfall. On the beach, one needs to be careful of touching the Portuguese Man o’ War jelly fish. Even dead, these animals have a dangerous sting. Any stings should be treated by a physician. The best way to avoid these animals is to use beaches that have lifeguards. Never swim at a beach that has recent sitings of these animals.

Bermuda is a wonderful location for a relaxing vacation, and with a little effort can be quite economical for a group as well.